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The Temple of Light is a life-transforming, spiritually conscious community center where spiritual leaders, healers, practitioners and seekers meet, share and expand consciousness.

United Conscious Community (UCC) is designed to serve your spiritual needs

As I sit in my daily meditation, a message comes to me: Gather the healers.

I see an image of thousands of healers connecting with each other. We are all divine beings of light living in human bodies with an innate and boundless capacity to love and give. When we are disconnected from our source energy, our divine being-ness, we forget who we are. This causes us to get caught up in the fearful, limiting world of separateness. When we heal ourselves from disconnectedness, we liberate ourselves, which inspires the rest of the world to seek healing, too.

As healers (holistic, faith or traditional), we are more than individuals, we are united as a vibrant culture, a new way of life, an alternative way of being — a community that offers healing to the world. As we come together as a community of healers, we strengthen our connectedness to a greater energy. We are stronger when we are together, creating a world of oneness and joy. 

We can no longer energetically afford, for our sake and the world’s, to do this work alone.  United we stand stronger in creating and sustaining constructive change.

Joining a local community of healers is a step toward achieving a global community of healers. A global community of healers is a step towards a world of truth, the truth that we can all realize abundance and thrive, feeling safe, happy and of service to each other.

— Rev. Danielle Marie Hewitt

Our Vision:

“To raise the vibration of the planet and foster the awakening in each and every one of us. We all possess an innate spiritual nature, which is love. This innate unconditional love can, in effect, create global health, wealth and spiritual connection among all human beings.”


Our Mission:

  • To create a high vibrational, supportive environment for spiritual leaders, professional healing arts, and holistic health practitioners and seekers of universal truth.
  • To create a community of oneness by providing programs offering guidance, inspiration and insight for the seeker, and mentorship, spiritual education, spiritual advisement, networking, physical space and media opportunities (social, periodical and radio) for the practitioner.
  • To create a program that enables all to step into their power and do their work here on Earth with public trust and increased credibility.


Think Globally, Act Locally

Support and co-create the United Conscious Community (UCC)

Become A Patron Member!

~ As a patron member of a locally based community dedicated to a world of love, peace, abundance and health, you support and are co-creating an organization raising the vibration of the local and regional community.

UCC is bringing kindred spirits together by promoting, educating and establishing the credibility of the healing arts and holistic health through public information and media outreach (social, broadcast, print and the worldwide web.)

~ As a patron member, you are supporting yourself as well as your community of practitioners to thrive by stepping forward to live a consciously healthy life, spiritually, physically and mentally.

Participating in this community will become a gift, an honor and a testimony to the connection to Divine Source in each member’s perfect way.

Our United Conscious Community affirms our strength.  It says to tells the world there is hope, there is positive change and all is well. 

When you help the Orange County spiritual community grow and become stronger, you, in turn, help your healing practice (personal or professional) thrive as an integral part of the whole.



  • As a patron member of a locally based spiritual community, you are contributing to:      
  • The credibility of the healing arts and holistic health through promotion and public education
  • The connection between local and regional spiritual communities
  • Hopeful answers for change
  • Bringing kindred spirits together in brotherhood and sisterhood
  • The increased vibration of the local and regional communities


Explore First…

Come to any of our workshops and classes to enjoy price–friendly ($5 to $25) and time-friendly (one to three hours) exploration. Learn ancient wisdom and practical spiritual tools and philosophies to help bring spirituality into your personal life and business acumen. Choose from the different instructors, modalities and topics to find the ones perfect for you.

…Then Become a Patron Member. It’s Easy.

When the time is right, become a Patron Member and receive discounts to all UCC workshops, classes, Holistic Healing Fair vendor tables and Special Event based on the level of your monthly support. Complete the form by clicking here, indicating the Level of Patron Membership you desire.

AS A PATRON MEMBER, you will receive:

  • Generous discounts for the UCC Community events (20% to 100%)
  • Pre-sale opportunities and preferred seating at special events
  • Invitations to members-only events (concerts and guest lectures)
  • Income tax deduction for your membership donation to a 501(c)3 non-profit organization 
  • A golden Lotus United Conscious Community magnetized pin
  • Abundant opportunities to make new friends, network, find support and have fun!


Membership Levels (all levels include a discount on UCC classes, membership seating at special events and invitations to member-only events):

  1. A One-Year Commitment of $20 per month = 20% discount on all UCC classes
  2. A One-Year Commitment of $30 per month = 30% discount on all UCC classes
  3. A One-Year Commitment of $40 per month = 40% discount on all UCC classes
  4. A One-Year Commitment of $100 per month = 100% discount on all UCC classes


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“As a Patron Member of the Temple of Light’s United Conscious Community, I get to enjoy so many opportunities to mix and mingle with like-minded friends old and new. From the monthly Holistic Healing Fair with guest speakers and discounted vendor tables to getting front-row seating at incredible events with the likes of James Van Praagh, Michael Tellinger and Tim Braun, there is always something going on seven days a week. I look forward to hanging out with my tribe with my kinda vibe!”  – Elizabeth H. 

“As a Patron Member of the Temple of Light’s United Conscious Community, I feel very blessed. It is great to attend the holistic fair at the temple each month, where we get to meet like-minded spiritual people, have an opportunity to learn from other healers and enjoy the positive energy of the temple and its community. I look forward to Rev. Danielle’s Wednesday morning circles. It is an experience that is hard to describe. She is a great mentor. We learn, share, talk, meditate and so much more. Each time I walk out feeling more positive about life and myself. Having such a wonderful community in Irvine, close to home, is a true blessing. I cherish being part of it and growing with it. Thank you so much and all the best!”  – Shilpa A.