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Holistic Healing Fair ~ August 1, 2015 - Noon-6 p.m.

   August 1, 2015

FAIR HOURS: 12 p.m. to 6 p.m.

11 Goddard, Irvine, CA  



 Teri Nejad

12:30-12:55 p.m.

Presentation: Healing through InterUniversal Consciousness

Understanding the Universal Intelligence which governs matter & energy as well as Knowledge of the pathway to home

Sara Giselle

1:00-1:25 p.m.

Presentation: The Positive Perception

Sara will give a 50% off coupon for a reading at her booth to those who attend her workshop.

Marcie Howard

1:30-1:55 p.m.

Presentation: How Sound and Healing Work



Marcie will give FREE 15 Minute Booster Sessions of her signature ReikiSounds  in her on-site office all day!

Nihita Chakravarty
2:00-2:25 p.m.

Presentation: Invite Peace through Advanced Meditation Techniques

Nihita will channel the meditation for the group during the presentation 

Nihita will give you a FREE Chakra Scanning (value $20) to discover the perfect crystal combinations needed for your spirital growth and development at her booth all day!

Dr. Ben Horning

2:30-2:55 p.m.

Presentation: Holistic Health/Muscle Testing

Dr. Horning will give FREE muscle testing at his booth all day!


Meryll Montano

3:00-3:25 p.m.

Presentation: The Mindful Diet: An Ayurvedic Perspective on Wholesome Nutrition


Alicia McNaughton
3:30-3:55 p.m.
Presentation: Invocation to the Stars - Channeling Ashra

Sirian Star will be channeled through Alicia  on the topic of Ascension. Time to ascend and have healing joy. There will also be a question and answer period with my spirit guide. 

Alicia will give FREE 3-minute healing and crytal attunements at her booth.

Joel Gold

4:00-4:25 p.m.

Presentation: Moringa-Miracle Tree of Life

Joel will give attendees FREE seeds and oils to those who attend his presentation.

Shauna Kossoff

4:30-4:55 p.m.

Presentation: Seven Mystery Schools


Cortney Castanada

5:00-5:25 p.m.

Presentation: The Benefits of Wearing Crystal-infused Nail Polish


Kara Uziela


Presentation: Animals, Death, and Illness





Darshini in Spirit

12:40-1:05 p.m.

Presentation: A Powerful, Fast Paced and Packed Lecture: Future Predictions, The "SIGN's" of the New Beginning and More

1.  Accurate random 'spot' Clair-cognitive/Mediumship Readings to attendees

2.  What is still to come - POWERFUL 2015/2016 PREDICTIONS (so many have come true so far)

3.  A brief overview of some of the 'Sign's' the world is experiencing as we undergo a massive energy shift

4.  An incredibly EMPOWERING life-changing exercise to change your perception

 Choury deVelle

1:10-1:35 p.m.

Presentation: Self-Hypnosis - The Emotional Domino Effect

Choury will give FREE 15 Minute Hypnotherapy Sessions all day in his 
on-site office.

Abby Namazi

1:40-2:05 p.m.

Presentation: Miraculous Healing Touch

Mr. Namazi will be giving FREE 15 minute Healing sessions all day in his office.

Deborah Shea

2:10-2:35 p.m.

Presentation: The Divine Flames


Carol Cymerint

2:40-3:05 p.m.

Presentation: Always Vegan



Rev. Danielle Marie Hewitt

3:10-3:35 p.m.

Presentation: Messages from the Ascended Masters

Rev. Danielle will give FREE 15 Minute oracle readings at her booth all day!  (UCC Members have priority).

Rev. Kathleen Dixon

3:40-4:05 p.m.

Presentation: Crystal Light Bed Therapy and Healing Tour to John of God


 Faiz Mashood, D.C.

4:10-4:35 p.m.

Presentation: Topic to Come




Adriana Allen

Energy Healer

Adriana is a gifted and gentle energy healer helping people create more joy and peace in their lives. 949-291-9020; uniqueinspirit@gmail.com



Rev. Basia Christ, Ph.D.

Executive Director of the Temple of Light,

Editor and Graphic Designer of Radiance magazine, Transformational Counselor

949.690.1257; www.basiachrist.com

Book signing at The Chakra Shack, 976 South Coast Highway #1, 
Laguna Beach, CA  92651 on August 8 from 1-4 p.m.

Choury DeVelle, BSC, CHT, NLP


Teacher, visionary and author Choury DeVelle is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and  the founder of Orange County Hypnosis Center. Hypnosis allows us to tap into the infinite powerhouse of energy that resides within each one of us. Meditation gives us the balance to use this power in a way that brings light, good judgement, and empowerment to every aspect of our lives.  www.orangecountyhypnosiscenter.com

Choury will give FREE 15 Minute Hypnotherapy Sessions all day in his on-site office.

Rev. Danielle Marie Hewitt

Founder and Spiritual Director of the Temple of Light, ThetaHealing Master, Medical Intuitive, Clairvoyant Channel

Spiritual Director and Founder of the Temple of Light, Rev. Danielle is a healer, mentor, teacher and guide of profound levels of change and forward moving catalyst for those she works with.  Positive changes, personal empowerment, self-forgiving accountability are the ways in which she helps those she works with the stand in their greatest power and define their own life to one of their highest dreams. www.templeoflightoc.org

Rev. Danielle will give FREE 15 Minute Oracle Card readings all day at her booth (UCC Members receive priority).

Marcie Howard

Reiki Sound Healer

Marcie has studied and trained with Reiki Masters in California and Washington. She is a certified Sound Healer and active member of the Sound Healer’s Association. Highly intuitive and clairvoyant, she coaches individuals in meeting their challenges and growth opportunities. Clients are inspired and encouraged to step forth into their lives feeling empowered, peace-filled, and balanced. 

714.336.8122.; mhoward48@msn.com

Marcie will give FREE 15 Minute Booster Sessions of her signature ReikiSounds  in her on-site office all day!

Dr. Faiz Mashood

Natural Medicine Physician

Thrive Center 

Dr. Faiz's passion for holistic living has led him through a life of integration. As a Natural Medicine Physician, he received his Doctor of Chiropractic & Ayurveda Specialization from Southern California University of Health Sciences and has a B.S. Biology, Applied Kinesiology, Traditional Martial Arts, Yoga, and Dance.  He is an advocate of ‘Healing in Motion.' Dr. Mashood has helped others transform by extensively studying the Science of Life, understanding the Philosophy of Nature and practicing the Art of Well-being.  By integrating unique systems, Dr. Mashood is enthusiastic in sharing natural methods of healing and living. At Thrive Center, he offers a unique approach by reverting back to the basics of Health. 

847.989.7117; fmashood@thrive-center.net  

Meryll Montano

Ayurvedic Practitioner

Meryll is a Certified Ayurvedic Health Practitioner and Wellness Educator. She received her education from the Southern California University of Health Sciences in Whittier, CA. Meryll is also a Certified Massage Therapist specializing in Marma Therapy. Her training includes Yoga for Disease Management and Indian Herbology.She is the founder of The Ayurveda N.E.S.T. Meryll’s highest goal is in creating a safe space of love and support for the transformation and Self- realization of her clients. She is passionate about sharing the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda to the modern world through one-on-one consultations, cooking classes, rejuvenation oil treatments, individualized nutrition seminars, body-mind- spirit workshops, and more. Her mission is to be of service and help people ignite their body’s healing intelligence. Visit her in her cozy nest. She would love to meet you and your beautiful spirit! 

714-423- 4548; ayurvedanest.comtheayurvedanest@gmail.com

Abby Namazi

Miraculous Healing Touch - "Instant Pain Reliever"

949.212.7787; asnamazi@yahoo.com

Mr. Namazi will give FREE 15 Minute Healings Sessions of his signature hands on technique all day! 

Teri Nejad

Ayurveda Practitioner

In 2002, Teri began to research and broaden her knowledge concerning the fundamentals of living a long, spiritually connected, light & healthier life. Coming from a diverse occupational background – ranging from owning a boutique in San Clemente to managing a non-profit organization which helped develop communities in Tijuana, Mexico – she realized that in any aspect of what you choose to do in life, self awareness, mental and physical health are key to sustainability. She became inspired by the impact this research had made in her life; the implementation of proper spiritual practice, balanced lifestyle, and nutrition directed her into a clear level of consciousness. Teri is dedicated to helping educate her peers in maintaining the same, beneficial lifestyle thus sparking a continuum in education in the field of Mental and Physical health. After witnessing a slew of success by others who followed her guidance, Teri realized this was her calling. She is an Ayurveda Practitioner, working with a variety proven theories in her practice. 

contact@tvolved.com; ww.tvolved.com949.295.2339

Shar Pirnia

Dream Whisperer, EFT/Tapping Master, a Certified Coach in Relationships, Weight Loss, and Life Path, and does Past Life Regression and Hypnotherapy

Results include: Happiness, Prosperity, Health, Great Relationships, and Miracles!

In person, online and phone sessions are available. Call 949.682.SHAR (7427) or email SharPirnia@gmail.com to make an appointment. 

Deborah Shea

Spiritual Touch, Crystal Therapy, Sound Therapy

Deborah has been a student of metaphysics for over 10 years and has studied healing modalities, meditation techniques, healing with angels and spirit guides, the healing properties of crystals, shamanism and much more. She is a graduate of Spiritual Touch a four year healing school that teaches techniques for healing through the chakra and aura systems. 

www.innerjourneyshealing.com or look2onesource@msn.com


Rev. Kristin Bradfield


Natural empath, medium, intuitive and Reiki practitioner. She teaches tarot as a meditative skill and relies on the assistance of the Magdalene, Angels, Spirit Guides, Ancestors & Elements. kbinahat@yahoo.com


Darshini In Spirit


Darshini-In-Spirit is an Internationally renowned Clair-cognitive (which is a Medium, Psychic, Clairvoyant, Clair-audio, Clairsentient, Taste & Smell), guest on International Radio and TV, Author, Reader, Healer, Motivational Speaker, Futurist, Spiritual Lecturer and Empowerment Teacher (89+ powerful empowerment classes) and also a Specialist Consultant to Businesses.


Powerful FREE Lectures and Lessons on YouTube: 'Darshini In Spirit:'https://www.youtube.com/user/darshiniinspirit

Jose Luis Del Solar
Structural Integration

Experience alignment in your body

Description 1: Structural Integration dramatically alters your structure, posture and can resolve discomfort, release tension and alleviate pain. It can restore and enhance flexibility, revitalize energy and have you feeling more comfortable in your body.

Description 2: Structural Integration is a system of ten sessions of bodywork, used to align and balance the physical body within its gravitational field by freeing and reorganizing the myofascia or connective tissue that surrounds the muscles.

José Luis is a Structural Integration practitioner, currently running a successful private practice in Laguna Beach, California. After enduring chronic back pain for most of his life, he received Structural Integration treatment while working as a dance photographer in NYC. He was so impressed by the efficacy of the method that he took it upon himself to train professionally, a skill that he continues to hone with constant training.

949.371.9110; joseluis.delsolar@icloud.com


Jose Luis will give a FREE 15-minute structural integration demo at his booth all day.

Rev. Kathleen Dixon

John of God Crystal Bed Sessions 

30 min. for $60, 40 min. for $80, 60 min. for $120

Call  Rev. Kathleen at 310.702.4516 to Book a Session


 Sara Giselle

Positive Perceptionist, Spiritual Counselor, Oracle & Angel Card Reader, and Energy Healer

Sara, the Positive Perceptionist, provides a direct link to your angels and guides, relaying the messages and guidance that you seek. Sara’s spirited and enthusiastic style of counseling combines her natural gifts with compassionate communication with the Universe. She is dedicated to inspiring individuals to claim their self worth, love, esteem, acceptance, and value that they may have missed receiving in life, and shows how they can create it for themselves.


Sara will give a 50% off coupon for a reading at her booth to those who attend her workshop.

Debra Hookey

Psychic Medium

Debra has given thousands of evidential readings over the past 13 years that have truly changed lives. She is also a Platform Medium, conveying messages to large groups of people, in an atmosphere similar to what Psychic Medium John Edwards provides. Debra's connection to spirit is very accurate and she'll always provide evidence you can count on. She is also a teacher, passing on her knowledge of Mediumship, and instructing others how to meet and work with their own guides to connect with Spirit. debra@debrahookey.com or debrahookey.com

Dr. Scott Hansen

Precision Spinal Care

Dr. Hansen is a NUCCA chiropractor serving Laguna Hills and its community. We are a specialized chiropractic office in Laguna Hills. Dr. Hansen practices a specific chiropractic technique called NUCCA which stands for National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Assn. We have seen much success is assisting patients with a wide variety of conditions. It can help with low back pain, neck pain, and headaches, to more severe conditions such as migraines, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's and Fibromyalgia. Dr. Hansen even adjusts infants with this gentle technique. We are a family practice, because the truth is when the whole family is healthy, that’s when the family can truly be happy. Our motto at our office is, we don’t just want you to live, we want you to thrive! 949.215.4349; www.ocspinalcare.com

Dr. Hansen will give a FREE 15-minute posture assessment at his booth all day!

Benjamin, Horning, D.C.


A Second Generation Chiropractor and Applied Kinesiologist, Dr. Benjamin grew up in a holistic home. After seeing the power of Chiropractic and Applied Kinesiology, he studied at the University of Maryland and received the unique degree of Agriculture and Resource Economics. He learned about the natural ways food can be grown and sold, as well as, the cheaper unhealthier ways. This experience shook him due to the openness in his education about the flaws in our food system. , Dr. Horning received his Chiropractic Doctorate at Southern California University of Health Sciences.  While at school, he got his Applied Kinesiology certification and was the school’s club president in the technique. He graduated on the Dean’s List and was awarded Cum Laude. After school, Dr. Horning dove began his practice treating thousands of patients: professional athletes, veterans, the homeless, special needs patients, pregnancy patients, children, the elderly, entire families, wellness patients, and even patients who saw holistic care as a last resort.

949.422.7698; horningchiropractic@gmail.com; www.drbenhorning.com

Dr. Horning will give a FREE 15 minute muscle testing at his booth all day!

Michele Rae Johnson

Usui Reiki Master

She received her Reiki Level I, II, & ART/Masters Degree from Master Reiki Healer, Kerry Walker. In 2012, Michele earned her International ART/Masters degree from William Lee Rand in England. The same year, she created a healing practice at Satori Spa in Laguna Hills called "Reiki by Michele Rae." In 2014, Michele received a Usui/Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master Degree with William Lee Rand in Redondo Beach, CA.

micheleraejohnson@gmail.com; 949.933.1662 

Shauna Kossoff

Life Activation

Guide member of The Modern Mystery School - Discover and expand on your psychic gifts through Spiritual Intuition. Let me show you how to create a sacred space with Divine Sacred Geometry or how to travel the universe with Astral Travel/Lucid Dreaming.  Allow me to help you clear away blocks and bring more energy into your life with a Life Activation or cut away negative ties that have held you back for so many years with an Emotional Cord Cutting. shaunakossoff@gmail.com

Margo Mateas

Career Cards

Margo is an intuitive strategist and creator of the Career Cards, a powerful and unique oracle deck used in 14 countries that delivers practical advice and spiritual wisdom for life, career and relationships.  Margo successfully bridges the worlds of spirituality and business by using her intuition to successfully pinpoint client issues and solve institutional problems. She has helped executives from companies including Verizon, Disney and Allstate become happier and more successful. She is an award-winning writer and former journalist. In 2012, Margo created the Career Cards, the only oracle in the world which combines 70 Career cards with 18 Action and Block cards to provide clear direction to any situation. Career Cards are available in bookstores and at www.thecareercards.com

Alicia McNaughton

Clairvoyant Intutive, Vocal Channel and 
dimensional Healer

You will be asked to speak your name 3 times out loud and then will be given information from the Akashic records. She works with her higher self, Spirit guides and angels to bring through what is for the highest good to know and work on at this time. As a Reiki Master there is always a healing element to her readings as she brings you into sacred space. If you are meant to hear something from a loved one who has passed, she can bring through messages from them.

Alicia will give FREE 3-minute healing and crytal attunements at her booth.

$45 for 30-minute readings. Selling crystals, jewelry, Aromatherapy, and herbal Reiki-infused products. 


Astarius Miraculii

Musician, Healer, Poet & Astrologer

Astarius has been dedicated to Spiritual Work for more than thirty years.  His music is created with the intention to heal and uplift.  His poetry points the way to the Higher Self.  His approach to Astrology helps the client gain insight and awaken personal power. He is a Reiki Master offering personal healing sessions and all levels of Reiki Training. Over the years it has been an honor for him to serve thousands of people with his gifts.  www.Astarius.com

Adil Panton

Healing Arts Touch

Healing Arts Touch is dedicated to providing the best essential resources for healing to take place in a person. Beginning in 1992, I attended the Boston Shiatsu School in Massachusetts. There my world known Shiatsu mentor Kikuko Zutrau Miyazaki taught me the means of developing energetic touch. This led to being hired to work in her clinic for three years. I later went on to study other massage modalities at the Muscular Therapy Institute of Cambridge, Massachusetts. Also during this period the research, exposure and study of eastern philosophy became an intricate part of my life.

949.842.7187; http://healingartstouch.com

Adil will give FREE 15-Minute chair massage at his booth all day!

Cynthia Rittenhouse

Elegant Energy Healing

Energy Healing Treatments Available: Pranic Healing, Reiki, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) - 30 minute session $35; 1 hour session $70

Angel Blessing Meditation: $25 (This is a special 15-20 minute meditation.I have witnessed some delightful blessings received. Participants most often experience a deep level of peace, sometimes great joy, some have a healing, some received wisdom, and some have had blocks removed.)


 Jayden Rodriguez

The Alternative Healer

619.841.8008; thealternativehealer@gmail.com



Kara Udziela
Pet's Eye View

Kara is an animal communicator, EFT, and Reiki practitioner. Using a mixture of telepathic skills and deep animal knowledge, she has helped hundreds of pets and their people. One of her horse clients just won Reserve Champion World Championships with Kara's intutive guidance. 

Special offers: $20 for 15-minute readings on pets. Bring a picture of your pet to Kara at her table.

karaudziela@me.com; 949.282.2506


Zen and Phara Brooks


zentheshaman@gmail.com; 404.734.4452; 303.798.5264



Nihita Chakravarty

Crystals of Joy Healing Crystal Jewelry 

Clairvoyant Reader for Life Transformations

"Crystals of Joy" Jewelry is intuitively designed and hand-crafted in the US by Nihita, who energizes each piece with Divine Healing Light to ALIGN the Energy Centers or the Chakras to Heal your Physical, Ethereal, Mental and Causal bodies. She is a Divinely Gifted Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and Clairsentient. She SEES with her Third Eye Chakra to connect with the Divine Energy, Angels and Spiritual Master Teachers. Nihita works at your Soul Level to help you find your PATH and PURPOSE through deep Spiritual Healings of Past Lives.

Nihita will offer a FREE CHAKRA SCANNING ($20 value) to discover the perfect Crystal combinations needed for your Spiritual and personal growth and development.

Cortney Castanada

Roxx Polish

Roxx Polish is a new nail polish line, created by Cortney Castaneda, that’s infused with micronized crystal and gemstone powder. The nail polish is made in the USA and is cruelty free and animal friendly. It is also 5-Free, meaning that they do not contain camphor, toluene, formaldehyde, dibutylphthalate (DBP) or formaldehyde resins.

There are 13 different colors available, each representing a different crystal/gemstone and Roxx advises to pick a polish that corresponds to what’s going on in your life at the moment. For instance, if you are looking for love, try out the gorgeous pink Rose Quartz polish. Need more clarity? Then paint on the clear Herkimer Diamond. Every bottle of Roxx Polish has their special patented Tri­-Blend Formula to give every crystal that extra turbo charge. The special blend contains the following:

  • Calcite – to increase and amplify energy. It is known for its healing attributes as well as protecting, grounding and centering.
  • Citrine – to increase abundance with its wonderful solar charged energy.
  • Clear Quartz – used as a physical and mental energizer, enhancing and protecting the aura and the amplification of the energy field of the body.

Check out www.roxxpolish.com for more information and to shop online.

Carol Cymerint

The Answer Is Vegan

Your body is a jet engine! It runs on fuel, and sure, you can fill it with "junk" fuel, and it will run, for many years, but eventually it will catch up to you. 

You need jet fuel, clean, pure fuel that lets you run at capacity, without clogging up the pipes, and keeps you feeling good, decade after decade. Carol Cymerint lays out a clear path to keep your engine running at peak performance. The health benefits of eating a plant-based diet continue to be revealed at a record pace, year in and year out.

www.TheAnswerIsVegan.com; 949.289.4832

Joel Gold

Moringa Light Energy: The Miracle Tree of Life

Moringa seems too good to be true: a fast-growing, drought-tolerant

 tree whose leaves, flowers, pods and seeds are not only edible but also highly nutritious. This tree has more potassium than bananas, more protein than sardines, and more beta carotene than carrots. Seed cake, the residue after oil is extracted, can be used for water purification. Some also believe the Moringa may help to control hypertension, keep glucose levels in check, fight bacteria and parasites and reduce inflammation. The seeds can have a Viagra-like effect, according to some. More important to most gardeners, Moringa is a nitrogen-fixer in the soil.


Joel will give attendees FREE seeds and oils to those who attend his presentation.

 Alka Jain "The Incense Lady"

Prayer Beads, Diety Statues, Buddha Statues, Incense, etc. 

949-766-4217, ajart@cox.net



Agnes Reiner

South Coast Mission

Books on Self Help



Harmony Roundy

doTerra Essential Oils


949.378.9562, harmonyphotos@gmail.com



Sarah Smith and Juan Martinez

Rhitrie Crystal Art Boutique

626.483.4245; Yorba Linda