QiGong w/Ryan Lee

June 12, 2017 @ 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Temple of Light
11 Goddard
Irvine CA 92618

No class on June 5th


w/Ryan Lee

Every Monday From 6:00-7:00 pm

     Class Rates: Drop ins – $20 Prepaid Class Cards Available

$140 – 10 sessions ($14ea) & 5 sessions – $75 ($15ea) 


The purpose of the class is to learn the basic fundamental principles and movements that are at the foundation of qigong. A typical class usually consist of head to toe warm up exercises, forms instruction and 18 forms Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi practice.  This class is ideal for the student that is looking to build a solid foundation for correct qigong and tai chi practice.  The exercises focus on improving postural alignment, proper relaxation, and qi cultivation.  Excellent for overall health, stress reduction and general fitness.  

No previous experience required to participate.

About Ryan Lee 
Ryan Lee is a certified Tai Chi and Qigong instructor and has been teaching Taoist-related arts in Orange County since 2003. In addition to teaching regular weekly classes in Orange County, he also consults with corporate clients and designs wellness programs which provide stress relief and combat sedentary office lifestyle.  He has had the privilege of studying with some of the best Tai Chi and Qigong instructors throughout his journey as a student of Healing and Martial Arts.


For more information or to contact Ryan visit his website http://balance247.com/index.php