Channeling Isaiah w/ Amaya Victoria

March 21, 2017 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Temple of Light
11 Goddard
Irvine CA 92618
Amaya Victoria

Channeling Isaiah

w/Rev. Amaya Victoria

Every 3rd Tuesday  7-9 p.m.

$25 (Non-member)

                                                                            RSVP Recommended 

“Full circle again, full circle again, back to the beginning, back to the end, you are not going anywhere Dear One’s, but full circle again” – Isaiah and the Group.

This is a monthly gathering of the Masters in Spirit and Human Form. It is time for us to meet spirit half way, helping us to remember we are the masters here in Human Form ready to stand equal with Spirit. Yet, always turning to-ward Spirit in honor and willingness to be taught what we do not remember or know; for as above, so below.

Rev. Amaya will conduct a semi-trance channeling with a collection of highly evolved beings, who call themselves “Isaiah and the Group”. She will allow herself to become a vessel for the sweet and precious information given to us from Spirit.

Isaiah, is an energy vortex consisting of those masters that reside in the 9th -12th dimensions. Included in this council are those who reside very close to the Godhead, master teachers & healers, angels & those who have lived on earth and now have been assigned to help teach and lift those who come before them into the next stages of their growth.

This council, taking the name Isaiah, specifically designed a gathering of these levels of spirit & masters into one vortex with the intent of being able to be understood by all walks of life and every level of existence. This group is able to mitigate, and change the frequency of an individual’s way of thinking through the vibration that Isaiah and this group brings to the session. Causing the individuals life to move quickly through change and to have deep seated issues resolved.

Group attendees will be given an opportunity to ask questions and will receive a “laying on of hands” personalized healing when appropriate.

The depth and intensity of being so close to Spirit can cause a profound energetic and emotional response for the participants of this Gathering of the Masters in Spirit and Human Form. It is a profound and sacred experience that changes people’s lives.

Expect the unexpected when spirit speaks, for they are calling to the longing in your Soul.~ Amaya Victoria
Always with great love, kindness, and wisdom, Isaiah and the Group will present us with a lesson for our hearts, souls, and minds. -Amaya Victoria

For more information call Rev. Amaya at 310-963-0543 or email: ;