Goddard Business Center

11 Goddard

Irvine, CA 92618

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Closed on Mondays

Office hours:  12pm - 6pm

Tuesday - Saturday

FREE Admission ~ October 4th  Spend a Saturday afternoon with some of the most renowned keynote speakers, vendors, and holistic healers. Enjoy music, wellness, and lots of fun. 

FREE speakers and experiential workshops all afternoon!


Holistic Healing Fair ~ October 4th  12pm - 5pm

Group Sessions or a personally designed program of one on one "VIP" time to address and go deep into the areas of separateness that keep the spiritually aware healer from stepping into their destiny.

I AM Mentorship for Spiritual Growth

Official Launch Scheduled for October 1st 2014!! Co-creating a love based world where we all help each other. HUMANITARIAN OUTREACH program.

Humanitarian Outreach Program

Programs for Spiritual Growth and Leadership in the Orange County Spiritual Community

Become a Supporting Member and Change the World

 New Classes Starting All the time! See "Ancient Wisdom" Tab for Details

Academy of Light, A School for Spiritual Seekers, Students and Holistic Healing Arts Practitioners.  Have you heard the calling of the  voice of the Ancient Wisdom residing deep within you? 

Academy of Light, School for Seekers and Healing Arts Professionals

We have four beautiful event rooms, the Hall of Light, Budha's Loft, the Divine Shrine and the Zen Den for the use of our members to lead special groups, workshops, lecutures, concerts and spiritual gatherings. 

Sacred Space

Healthy Earth Conference

Be the Change

October 11, 2014

Healthy Earth Conference Oct 11th 2014
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United Conscious Community Sunday Sangati (Gathering)

Sunday Sangati Sept 28st Topic  

"Holding Space or Holding on?  Let's let go!"  

This Sunday we will do a series of meditations on each chakra to awaken and embody the subtle energies in each one. 

Sunday Sangati with Rev. Danielle

Academy of Light

 A School for Holistic Healing Practitioners

 The Academy of Light helps personal seekers learn, apply and be of service using some of the most ancient and time-tested spiritual and holistic healing tools. Please click on the link for more information! 

Holistic Healing Fair ~ October 4th 12pm - 5pm